Weather Puppy

Weather Puppy 2.0

Get your forecast and pictures of puppies


  • Useful forecast information
  • Save multiple cities
  • Simple to use


  • Very limited amount of free puppy pictures
  • Lacks in-depth weather information
  • No weather related news

Not bad

Weather Puppy is a simple weather application for the iPhone that lets you view a forecast with cute pictures of puppies.

Looking up the weather can be a bit boring but what if you could look at cute puppies at the same time? Weather Puppy lets you do this while providing some useful weather information.

Weather Puppy is a simple application to use and works much like the stock weather app on iOS. There aren't very many options to configure. You can add multiple cities and rearrange them in the order you want. Temperatures can be toggled between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

You'll spend most of your time looking at the home page of Weather Puppy, which displays a 4 day forecast with today's conditions shown to the left. Tap on any of the days to reveal more information like when sunrise and sunset are.

What Weather Puppy is missing are news stories about the weather and notifications. It'd be nice to view weather related stories inside the app. There are also no photos or videos in Weather Puppy. The app is strictly for quickly glancing at current and upcoming weather conditions. Users who want more information will want to check out the AccuWeather app instead.

Weather Puppy also tries its best to make you purchase more puppy photos via an in-app purchase. Weather Puppy has partnered with 13 non-profit animal shelters but doesn't mention if proceeds from sales will be shared with these shelters. While the picture packs are cheap, it would have been nice to see Weather Puppy include more free puppy pictures. Dog owners can also make their own puppies the star of their weather app, creating a custom experience for users.

Weather Puppy is only useful for glancing quickly at weather conditions but users wanting more information will want to look elsewhere.

Weather Puppy


Weather Puppy 2.0

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